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Rancho Santa Margarita (RSM), California has a rich and unique history of respect and appreciation of ‘Community’. Home to one of the most beautiful natural environments of Orange County, and once inhabited by the Acjachemaen tribe, this valley’s inhabitants continue their predecessors tradition of blazing new trails.

In the early 1980’s, RSM became an area of interest to many Southern Californians wishing to escape the congestion and over population of the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. Developers worked hand in hand with architects and engineers to envision and create a ‘Master- Plan’ community that would allow safe, clean and affordable living for single professionals and new families while preserving the surrounding wilderness.

The open space and wilderness of Trabuco Canyon has a humbling presence and while this area has been named one of the greatest development opportunities in Orange County many local residents find simple relaxation in walking the local trails. Complimenting the natural environment with the necessary presence of retail and commercial business can be a difficult task, but in the Spring of 2007, the City of RSM, warmly welcomed the opening of the first and only Yoga studio in town, Lotus7 Yoga, Pilates and Lifestyles Center.

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Yoga, a practice to bring us back to our ‘natural’ and ‘true’ self, provides one with holistic skills for improving mind, body and spirit. The opening of Lotus7 along with her growing legacy has added a unique gift of enrichment to the history of RSM, one which continues to grow each day she opens her arms to her community.


Lotus7 has installed 100% bamboo hardwood flooring and has received 6 LEED credits for Green Building Certification. Andrews flooring is 100% post consumer recycled materials using rapidly renewable resources like agrol soybean polyols and vegetable oils.


Established in 2007 Thank you to all of our loyal clients for your continued support!


Lotus7 Yoga & Pilates Ranked in Top 10 for 7 years in a row for Best Yoga Studio