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The Body:

1. Exercise Daily

2. Breathe and Steady one’s breathe through Yoga and Pilates

3. Nourish your 5 senses with a Nurturing environment

The Mind:

4. Meditate Daily to Cultivate and Discipline one’s intellect

5. Create and Encourage Healthy Relationships

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The Spirit:

6. Perform Random Acts of Kindness

7. Live in the Present, not in the past or the future!

Lotus7 Lifestyles Center ‘Partners in Health’

Our Lifestyles Center Providers are eager to serve you on your path to peace and health.

Valerie Costes, Licensed Esthetician:
Christina Currie, Reiki and Crystal Energy Healer:
Jaime Jackson, Certified Massage Therapist:
Kyle Lam, Vibrational Sound Healer:
Julie Murray, Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider:
Carol Schelin, Naturopath:

Want to learn more about our Partners in Health? Send us a message, our staff will make sure to connect you with the most appropriate provider for your needs.

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Lotus7 has installed 100% bamboo hardwood flooring and has received 6 LEED credits for Green Building Certification. Andrews flooring is 100% post consumer recycled materials using rapidly renewable resources like agrol soybean polyols and vegetable oils.


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